How IoT enabled devices can be used?

Getting a connection to the internet is a marvellous thing you can bring out many benefits out of it, which our past generations can’t even imagine. People still remember the struggle of using mobile phones when they were not ‘smart’. They were just meant for giving a call and sending messages to each other. Irony, is that ‘smartphone’ is used for the various other works these days with addition to calling feature. There are many things than reading a book, listening songs and watch a movie which smartphone is providing you and hence the term IOT came into consideration. Understand how IOT enabled devices proved beneficial to smart villages and bringing almost all the services at your steps or we should say in our hands.

Doorstep Banking Solution

With the help IoT a simple smartphone several banking services can be provided at the doorstep

Health Care Insurance Solution

A simple mobile application to be used by Doctors, Pharmacist, Insurance Agents to provide insurance services and claim settlement at finger tip

Agrotech Solutions

Mobile App enabled with IoT can be used to provide weather forecast, crop insurance, soil health check etc. at finger tip

  1. Doorstep banking solutions: Billions of devices are connected to each other, and in doing so, become an intelligent system of systems. When these intelligent devices and systems share data on the cloud and begin to analyze they can transform our business our lives, our world in countless ways. With the efficient use of the internet of things, smartphones can be utilized for providing the services of the bank at the doorstep.
  2. Healthcare insurance solutions: Doctors, Pharmacists, and various Insurance agents are now able to provide the insurance services by making some few taps and get rid of the paperwork and hustle. Insurance companies these days monitor the sensor based solutions like bio-sensors, wearables, mobile applications, and connected health devices into the insurance products which tracks the customer behavior and also identify the kind of care which is required for each policyholder and make bills accordingly.
  3. Aggrotech solutions: Internet of things solutions also brings you the solutions with the help of mobile applications to forecast the weather and keep a check on crop insurance and soil health at fingertips. Big data and analytics empower farmers by providing the accurate knowledge to find out legal and swift sale channels and offers them the best prices of what they are producing. At the time of scarcity, and prices go up and farmers had to switch the crops IOT helps in providing the abundance in the next cycle and price crash. Likewise the cycle keeps on repeating and farmers had to face crisis one after other. IOT helps in avoiding such situations and share information with farmers in advance.

Do you want to control every thing using Internet ?